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Really only a minimum age of 23 and a valid driver's license which is at least 2 years old.

Not at all! When you are booking your rental car just let us know how old your children are and we'll supply you with the appropriate safety seats.

Up to 15 days before the reservation you may cancel at no charge. If you must cancel up to 1 week before your reservation, we charge the rental fee for 1 day after which the cancellation fees are 5% of the total rental fee per day.

A deposit is only necessary if a personal liability deductible insurance policy has not been excluded. The amount of the deposit corresponds to the deductible amount and may be paid in cash or with a credit card.

Call us immediately! There is an emergency number in your rental car. We'll take care of everything else including customer pick-up, a substitute car etc.

The third party insurance coverage is up to for 500,000 for personal liability and 100,000 for property damage. The coverage also includes passenger, theft, glass and fire insurance.

There are no extra fees for night time pick-ups or returns.

Our rental cars generally use 'lead-free' gasoline - in Greek, 'amoliwdi'.


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